With a simple thought of providing quality visual content, Mettle Minds was formed.

Keeping one's determination or spirit alive is paramount to reaching your goal. Mettle Minds embodies that in its name and in its vision and mission.

Who are the Mettle Minds?

Sreehari Venugopal

An Integrated Marketing Communications guru. Loves being called Hari, yup, he cut a whole four letters out of his name! An inherent intuitive ability to understand the client who has a specific requirement in mind but is unable to put in so many words, makes him quite a favourite among our clients! With an astonishing eye for detail and an extensive media, event planning and corporate background, Hari is just the person you want to meet to explain your project needs.

Finish discussing work and he might just start asking you about your fitness routine! Yup, he’s one of those fitness junkies who have pretty much tried every fitness activity at least once! If he’s Superman, we know his Kryptonite- offer him a scrumptious slice of Red Velvet Cake, and he’s all putty in your hands!

Nisha Nandakumar Menon

The Yin to his Yang, we have Nisha Nandakumar Menon, his wife and his partner in this venture. A Mass Communication Post Graduate, Nisha has seen the world from behind the camera as well as from inside the edit suite. In search of a nickname and in a desperate attempt to outdo Hari, shortening her already unfortunately short name proved a task in vain! Complimenting Hari’s client comprehension, Nisha’s sound understanding of aesthetics, typography, colour and form have helped give a project a visual direction.

Unapologetic about loving a good morning’s sleep, Nisha is snuggling in la la la land while Hari tries a new fitness routine. Her fitness motto is simple – “Eat whatever you want and if someone tries to lecture you on your weight, eat them too!”