Branding is the platform through which we achieve resonance and elevate a company's Corporate Identity and presence. Right from coining the company name to designing a good logo to the complete Corporate Identity package, our team at Mettle Minds will be there with you right to the finish line.

Brand Storytelling: As a new business, it is always tough and confusing to come up with the right name. Leave us with a few guidelines and we will coin you a name that will inspire stories. The very stories that your audiences will want to share, and that too often.

Brand Conversation: Now that your business has a name, how do we communicate this to your audience in a manner that is not just striking but leaves an impression as well? Our team at Mettle Minds offers you a Brand Identity package, that includes Logo design, Corporate Stationery and of course the representation guidelines of your brand.

Brand Programming: Your Branding is done....or is it? A brand name and a Corporate Identity works only when audience see it and see it often. At Mettle Minds, we don't just stop with the Corporate Identity, we go ahead and make your presence felt online.

We activate your brand amongst key audiences by creating a dynamic website design and SEO - Search Engine Optimised content. Showcasing your brand in the right manner and on the right platform is the way forward. And we have just taken that first step for you helping you communicate your brand message and broadening your brand reach!

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