Make it right to get it right!

At an age, where people prefer to watch than read, a corporate film is just the right tailored visual treat for your clients. Informative, at the same time visually appealing, a Corporate Video or Film can provide a beneficial insight into a business without the cost, distraction and management of an actual visit.

Our service is fully customised. This, of course, starts with listening to and understanding your needs. Based on this, we suggest a solution that is tailored to meet your requirements and your budget. On approval, we proceed to the different stages of the project.

PRE-PRODUCTION: We believe CONTENT IS KING. So it is only natural that the script plays an integral role in a good Corporate film. With careful perusal of client inputs, we ready a script that is spot on from, both, a visual and content perspective. With the client approved script in hand, we have a more streamlined production or filming stage.

PRODUCTION: One of the most exciting stages is definitely the production! Filming usually takes place at pre-specified client premises. With quality equipment at our disposal, we ensure that our experienced and skilled crew shoot based on the approved script and film appealing visuals.

POST-PRODUCTION: Post-production is where the visuals start to come alive. The film takes shape at the edit suite, which is why we ensure we truly understand your requirements right from the start. All our films undergo a few specific processes like Colour Correction and Sound Mixing with relevant motion graphics and animations added as required.

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