Clarity in minutes!

Need a way to make a product or service interesting? Easily losing your way in your own product or service and losing track of how and what to communicate to your audience? Explainer films are the way to go!

Explainer videos are data or information represented in a clear and concise manner by way of animated and motion graphics that appeal to the viewer's eye. A good Explainer Video can easily elevate your business and convert potential clients who until then merely visited your website.

At Mettle Minds, we understand that like all animation processes, Explainer videos start with the concept and the creative. With animation, it is important that we help you understand what the end video or film is before we start the entire animation process.

Think of building a house - it is much easier to change the design of a house on paper before you start, than it is once you finish building it! At Mettle Minds, we believe animation follows the same route... we focus our effort on the pre-production, ensuring that you know exactly what you are getting before we start the animation process.

Design Upon getting your approval with the overall concept and script, we start our design process. Here, taking references from any animations that you like, we customise our outline with your corporate brand, add our own little twists and surprises...lo and behold, we have a design for you!

The Story Board With animation, you are buying a product that doesn't exist until we make it! The storyboard process is where we work on the minutest details of your animation and design almost all the elements for it. We then collate all of these for your feedback. Again back to the house building analogy; it is much easier to change the design before we start building (or animating).

Animation Considering all of the elements have been designed at storyboard stage, the animation process should be pain free one. Having already seen the storyboard, there definitely won't be surprises when you see the first cut of the animation!

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