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Are you struggling to explain your product or service as concisely as possible to your customer?

A paper pitch…boring…let’s face it! Fret not…Mettle Minds, being an effective video maker, comes to your rescue with the perfect solution!

We welcome you to the world of Explainer videos and its numerous styles.

Choose one and open the doors to simplified storytelling. Good explainer videos are fast becoming the go-to method to talk to your customer effectively because of its visually appealing format and short duration (does not exceed 02 minutes).

Experienced the delight of solving a math problem? Well, get used to seeing the same delight on your customer. Liven up product/ service profile with an explainer style suited to your business.

Types of Explainer Videos

We have a type for everyone. We tailor it to your need and let you sit back and enjoy the effect a good explainer video brings to your business!

2D Animation

Explain all about your product/service with a character or two, typography and icons

Motion Graphics

Turn a complicated process to a simple one by way of animation using typography, graphic design and icons

Whiteboard Production

An innovative approach by drawing static images on screen and explaining a product or service

Mettle Questions

But why choose an explainer video for your business? What sets it apart from any other video style?

Looking for a communication medium but have a budget constraint?

Banging your head against the wall to explain your product/service to your customer?

Have an intangible product/service that cannot be filmed?

Was the answer to any or even all of the above questions a yes? Then, explainer videos are your answer! Let’s look at some benefits and clarify all your queries.


Benefits Of A Good Explainer Video


Visually appealing explanation within a short duration not exceeding 02 minutes (no more zoning out)


Explain a complicated solution or process in a simple manner (no more head banging…The wall thanks you!)


Quicker customer decision-making


Attracts higher traffic with more conversion


SEO friendly and we all love that friendship, don’t we?!


Widely shared on social media (viral is the buzzword)


Cost effective

Mettle Process

How It Works

Committed to the idea of a good explainer video for your business? Now, let’s have a quick look at our process of how we go about producing an engaging explainer video.

Don’t fit into the cost-effective bracket? Are you a start-up? Living hand to mouth but still understand the importance of explainer videos? We totally get you…we have all been there, haven’t we?!

How about a readymade solution with an option of limited customisation that fits your budget? Got your interest, didn’t we?! Give us a shoutout and we will get in touch with you for a detailed discussion.

Find out how an explainer video works for you!

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