Find out why you need Customer Testimonial Videos now more than ever!

Who fuels your business? “Your team… you… your marketing strategies and all that jazz!”, you say…sure…but we say customers!

“ Mettle Minds has done a fantastic job giving us the perfect marketing video!”
“ We loved the ease with which the entire project was handled…seamless.”

You read this but were you convinced? How about if our customer gives it a shot by narrating his experience with us? We bet, you would relate and want to see more of the same.

In today’s world, even a simple act of ordering a product online involves research and of course the thorough review stalking. Why would your brand or business be any different?

Your customer or client is your brand ambassador. Their experience working with you and their feedback on your delivered project will propel many a potential customer relationship.

Let’s list down six benefits of having customer experience videos for your brand:

1. Short and Sweet

Making it one of the most appealing tools that help convert potential customers to buying customers, customer testimonial videos are short and crisp videos. With such a short length, they are bound engage potentials customers to view more than one video validating your brand sub-consciously.

2. Credibility
Every customer or client hesitates before closing the deal. Are you as good as you say? Are you worth the price you are asking for? A video showcasing your customer vouching for your product or service will ease a potential client’s worry and add credibility to your brand. With text or even images, you have constraints in communication. On the other hand, a video testimonial will reassure your potential customer with behaviour and body language cues indicating genuineness.

3. Trust & Confidence

Hearing good things from an existing customer about your brand through Video testimonials naturally builds trust and confidence in your potential customer.

4. Value

A potential customer will appreciate and want to replicate the value your service or product has added to the customer’s life or business as showcased in a customer testimonial video.

5. A sense of kinship

By watching a genuine testimonials of customers, your potential customer will find it easy to relate to your brand and its products or services. With a customer vouching for your brand, your services or products will appeal to be their ideal solution.

6. Appeal to different customer segments

By showcasing perspectives of customers from different walks of life, your brand can appeal to multiple customer segments increasing your reach.

With a wide selection of videos that you can choose for your video marketing exercise, Customer Testimonial videos are a great return on investment. It is one of the most effective ways to increase your credibility, double conversions, and make your brand more relatable.

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