Mute your video, not your audience!

We are constantly on the move and we no longer sit and stare into space…yes, that used to be a thing.
Now we see, on a bus, as a passenger in a car even on a flight, we are constantly online. Be it our phone or laptop, we are either working or we are on a social media platform. We see a certain age group, primarily teenagers with headphones listening to music, the rest are all swiping or just watching or reading something on their choice of device.
One thing that is most rampant on their chosen social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., are videos, in particular videos without sound (with, of course, the option of sound, duh!)
Yes, we all now know that videos are the future but mute videos, why would anyone watch a video without sound. Even if they do, how do they even understand what’s happening?

In today’s world of chaos and noise, the future of videos is loud and muted all at the same time. How?
1. The convenience of subtitles.
2. The quiet in a loud world.
3. The visual that translates without sound.

An explainer video on mute showcasing your service process is easily understood without the distraction of a person voicing your services’ USPs to thumping music…
A corporate video on mute will allow your potential clients to truly imbibe the scale of your infrastructure, your workforces’ efforts and of course your clients’ testimonials with subtitles of course!
So whether you want an explainer video or even social media engagement videos for your brand or business, you will find that quiet is the new loud…

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